Sketchbook Journal

This is where I will upload pages from my sketchbook and journal. This is all unfinished work, thoughts, or ideas. None of this is finished work.

Sketches of my cat

ideas for an assignment in class.

Feet practice

feet practice

Feet practice

Concepts/ideas for wood sculpture 1

Laying out the composition of a life drawing assignment


Brainstorming dragon shapes and ideas for sculpture 1

Concept ideas for hand assignment in Life Drawing


Hand structure

a car that drove by me while I was bored.. this is a bad sketch

foot bones?

campus squirrels

Portfolio class notes

fast crappy skyline sketch. I was laying on the couch and the shadows on the wall kind of resembled a sky line from a tall building and so I decided to quickly just draw down the idea.

Oil 1 first compositional sketch

Another sketch for oil 1 painting (See my art section to see the painting)

Concept sketch for Sculpture 2 chair project

My building references for my chair bagpipe bird in Sculpture 2

Initial sketches and ideas for the metal fabrication system project in Sculpture 2

Brainstorming for Sculpture Studio. Top left are ideas top right are sketches of a pencil shower idea and the bottom half of the page is just brainstorming like we did in class

Life Drawing Practice

Life Drawing Practice

Life Drawing Practice

Life Drawing Practice

Life Drawing Practice

Cat on a lap

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