Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Another progress dump

It's been a crazy couple of weeks. I have been taking some progress photos but I need to take more. Here is some of what I have been working on lately.

I got the ceramic shell off of the outside of the aluminum head. Then sawed at where it connected to the cup it was poured from and broke it free.

These next few photos are in progress shots of the head being ground down and fixed up. Went from the angle grinder to eventually buffing it to a much shinier finish. I will upload completed photos next time.

close up early on

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after moving up a step or two.. still not finished in this photo but more even

I thought I would upload a more current photo of the cow tile painting.. Not much looks like it has changed here. I just upped the contrast on some parts and started to fix the grass a bit more.
Close up of its fluffy head texture.

I thought I would throw in a photo with my fat hand for size reference (cat scratches and all)
idk why I am posing with the cow..

Started on another set of paintings. This is a cow at the table and a dog at a table. It is very early
along and rough at this stage. I was trying to get the dog to fit in right

worked on making the dog work in this pose.. realized his head was too large. Everything at this point is like
an underpainting. I plan to clean all of this up.

Removed hair from the head. Started fixing eyes.. etc.. I feel like in some aspects I took a couple steps backwards
with this head. It is going to take more hours to get it to a place where I am happy with it.. Got to even back out the nose, fix the eyes and moth and neck

another angle. Eyebrows temporary too

Where's the hair??? haha.. pony tail chopped off at this stage. I will post more photos once I settle on how it will finally look.

Put the cow in its frame today.  Going to paint the frame black most likely.

Tiles played with a bit here... not final arrangement necessarily. Just one possibility.

closer up

another angle. Now to paint it and prepare it for hanging.

Thanks for looking. Updates on ceramics glazing, photos of painted frame, photos of aluminum head, and photos of final clay head soon to follow.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Progress dump

I have been working on improving in ceramics. I have discovered I am definitely not a ceramicist. It took ma many many hours for me to make these not very good cylinders and bowls but here is a shot of some of my progress.

I did not make that bunny thing but I did make all the cylinders and bowls here

 Here is an updated photo of the Cow tile painting. It is almost finished. I want to fix the grass and let it dry enough to mount and test in my frame.

More head progress. Finishing up with what I have now. I have to get to making a mold so that it will be ready with the aluminum base head.

I thought the head looked kinda creepy and cool in the car seat so I took a picture. LOL