Monday, September 30, 2013

Art Progress Dump 9/30

I decided to dump some of my progress on you guys today.

I have coil built two pieces in my ceramics class. We are finishing up slab building with texture (I dont have photos of that yet.

In oil painting I have come to a 85-90% completion point on the close up of the dog head. Rather than continuing on with ice cream painting underneath I am considering doing possibly something sculptural or video related to go with the piece. I am still planning things out with that one in my head.  In the mean time I have two other pieces going. One is going to be like a sliding tile puzzle game where the painting is divided into squares which can be slid around to rearrange the composition. That piece is requiring a bit more time cutting, framing and planning and so I have not begun painting it quite yet. The other piece is a small kaleidoscope type image of cows that I am doing for fun in the mean time.  I will try to upload photographs of these eventually.

In sculpture I have made a few more sets of resin eyeballs while attempting to get the process right. I have made a couple pairs that are starting to look better. I have cast the head that will be aluminum in wax and am preparing that for a ceramic shell. I began modeling the exterior head out of modeling clay but I still need to find a model for it so that it looks realistic. I have added clay to get proportions but ran out and had to go purchase more.

Early on after coil building

Added ears

Another angle still wet


First Coil built vessel 

Sanded Down Foam Shape for Under head
Plaster head mold with wax
Modeling Clay outter head beginnings. Ran out of clay
Needs a lot more work this is just a starting point.
Temporary Resin Eyes can be seen here.

Horses and Cows

I added a couple of photos I took of some of OSU's horses and cows.

It was mostly for fun or possibly reference material with the cows. No particularly stunning shots but it was kind of fun to do.

I added them to my camera testing page:

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Pedro Reyes "Disarm"- turning weapons into instruments.

This is a video about artist Pedro Reyes. His latest project "Disarm" is about transforming negative instincts into creative instincts. He takes dismantled guns and turns them into a mechanized band. The show will be at the Carnegie Museum of art October 5, 2013

Friday, September 13, 2013

Some school Progress

This is my first coil built ceramic vessel. I am just ok with it. It isnt great but
it is a start.

Plywood Armature for a paper Mache dog sculpture I started.

With the paper Mache layer. I then added a water based clay layer
because I considered casting it in plaster but it ended up molding and I had to
scrap this entire sculpture. It is now in the trash. 

This is me making a silicone mold for my resin eyeballs for my in class
sculpture I am working on.

Here are some photos of my second ceramics project.
It is a coil built cows head. It kind of ended up looking more like
a baby cow or something. I coil built it up vertically but since the
head is at a strange diaginal it was kind of hard to do.
Since this photo I have done a few more small details to it.

Camera Update

I blew some of the dust off my sensor on my D70. I still can see three spots. I am going to have to purchase cleaning fluid or something.

Here are some new photographs I took just testing my camera or reference photos.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Oil Painting Update 9/9

Thickened the paint on my canvas quite a bit the last week or two. I am getting closer to being finished on my first canvas. I built my second canvas and am ready to start working on it. My reference photos for canvas #2 don't feel good enough to me yet. I am going to be working on taking better photos and may be find some different food items to test.

Although from the photo it doesnt look that much different a LOT more hours have now gone into this oil painting. The fur has had many many layers added to it. I also did texture on the nose and a glaze layer over that. I have worked on fixing up the mouth a lot. The mouth was a bit of a challenge for me but I think that it is starting to shape up nicely. My plan for the next week is to get going on the second canvas (food) and just work on single details on this one like touching up the background and the fur. I think that I will make more efficient progress working on two at a time at this stage.