Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Custom 3D gummies

Coooool.. :P

From a 3D image of yourself they make a customized gummy.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Oil Painting progress Update

I am close to finished with the gummy bear painting. I would like to some time soon come in and fix their faces and also add some more shadows but for now I will call this 85%? I am done for the time being because it is time to move on to a new painting but if I get time later I may fix it up a bit.

My Next painting is a winter scene viewed from the inside of a cabin. I am going to add my cat sitting on the couch and looking out the window.

This painting is JUST started literally 2 classes on it.. it is may be 20% done? So.. it is ugly but it gives you an idea what I am doing anyways...

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Pure White Paper

I saw this today and thought it was super cool.
"Li Hongbo is a thirty-nine year old artist from Beijing, China. His current gallery is called Pure White Paper and features these amazing flexible sculptures.
Each work of art consists of thousands of thin sheets of paper lightly glued together to form fluid, eerie creations."

Kind of reminds me of those paper wedding bells. I always loved those as a kid and I made sure I bought a bunch for my wedding. haha

Monday, February 18, 2013

Titles are for title makers

 I tried taking a damp sponge to the cow to get the color off. The color does eventually rub off but the texture is still a bit weird. I may just have to shell out for another 6 bags of chocolates and try again. I am going to cool it at room temperature this time and see if that helps anything. There could have been stuff in the mold that caused it to do that as well.
In class I got all of the rust off of the stand and then used a clear coat on it so that it wouldnt re-rust. My plan is to redo the chocolate cow and then check out cameras to film it melting this week.

Unwrapping the chocolate

 The cow was shiny black like the chocolate chips on the bottom but where the chocolate touched the silicone it had a different color and matte texture. I am not sure quite why this is or if I can wash it off. I am not sure I want to though because I am kind of likeing the accidental cow markings that came out of it. The face has spots like a real cow kind of. I would like bigger spots on the body though.
 The eyes came out pretty well on this cow. The  ear broke off when I took it out of the mold but I was able to heat the base of it with a lighter and reattach it to the cow. I am not quite sure what finishing touches yet I want to do to the cow if any. I may want to try and get some body spots on it and may be some pupils. I was pretty relieved that it came out of the mold in otherwise pretty good shape.
Here is a side view of the body. There is a bit of chocolate under the back leg that doesnt really belong. I could try and carve back out what I dont want but I am not sure yet if it is worth the risk of damaging the cow or not. I would like a big body spot and I am wondering if I could get that effect with a wet sponge. May be it would be possible I could wash off some of the lighter chocolate skin.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Chocolate Cow chocolatey goodness

Got the nuts and screwed together the stand
I also bought a lamp for my heatlamp but I need a bulb still.
I used chocolate chips to make the cow sculpture. It took 5.5 bags of chocolate chips.
That is 7,700 calories per cow. ;)
Here are the chocolate chips pre melting in a double boiler set up. I stacked two pans on top of one another. the bottom pan had water and sat on the burner and the top pan was indirectly heated through the water.

Here is me mixing the chocolate just before pouring.
... and into the mold... From here this guy went in the fridge overnight.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Cow stand progress

We finished bending the top portion today. I also drilled holes
for the legs of the stand to go through.

I cut some 1/4 inch rods down for the legs. My professor then showed me how
to use a tap and die to thread the rods so that I could use them as legs for my stand.

Cow updates

Plaster outer mold

What it looks like inside the silicone mold

What was left of the clay cow .. haha

Filling the mold with plaster to test

lost some detail in the face and the ear broke off but
I should be able to fix things like this in my finished casting as
butter and chocolate are soft enough to kind of resculpt as

Plaster cow. his ear and hoof and tail broke off and he is a bitrough but workable.

My professor helped me start a platform for the cow to set on
as it melts and a drain hole.

Gummy Bear update

about 75%?

Still sloppy. I want to do another gummy layer, another bag layer and then go fix the grass up a bit.

This photo was taken with my webcam so it is blurry. I will take a better photo later.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Melting Bunnies

I found a video where another artists melts chocolate bunnies. It is cool to see how they melt. I like that the heat source blends in with the melting environment.  I enjoy that the melting is vastly different depending on the heat source.


Here is her website:

If I end up doing a video for mine I would like to may be try melting different materials. May be both butter and chocolate.

The heat lamp might be the best option because it would give me more time to possibly take photographs and document the process. I really like the creepy effect that the blow drier has on the face but I think that the heat lamp could be better propped and left.

It looks like distance from the heat source will play a factor as well. This artist put the heat source very very close to the bunny and got a rapid effect. If I want a slower melting period I may need to have a farther away heat source. If my sculpture is solid and not hallow though it may take a close up heat source. 

I am also not sure yet how far I would like to melt it down. If it was melted down and drained all the way that would be pretty interesting. I would like to possibly collect the melted matter into a container as well.

It would be fun to incorporate water into the sculpture. I am drinking a lot of water to flush all of the sodium out of my body. As I am dieting and losing weight I have also been drinking a lot more water. To have a stream of hot water melting and carrying the material would be interesting.

May be I could do multiple cows melted one with heat for exercise and one with water for diet.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Bagpipe bird or cat couch?

My cat seems to think that Bagpipe Bird is either a noble steed or a couch. He loves it.

Gummy Progress

For those of you that have been asking for it. Here is my progress thus far on my gummy bear oil painting. They are on grass and there is a plastic bag and a marble in the picture too..

I would say this is at the 50% stage. I plan to put 6 hours in tomorrow and hopefully another 6+ on Tuesday so that it is at the 75-90% point by critique day., The only thing I like about it so far is the marble.

The gummy bears are all still in underpainting mode as I havent found the right colors yet for them. I may have to buy more paint.

The plastic bag cant be finished until the gummy bears are... soooo.....

AND I cant finish the grass until the bag is done.. at a bottle neck.. haha..

sooo here you go (be nice it is nowhere near  done)