Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Painting The Jalapeno

(2/7/12) Here is the finished pepper all painted and ready

(2/7/12) I put the pepper back on the cart with it's veggie sculpture buddies to chill
until it is time to be critiqued.

(2/7/12) I added a gloss coat on top of the paint. It gave the body of the pepper a very shiny look. I thought it was still wet at first and so I waited around a long time for it to finish drying.

(2/7/12) We painted our clay sculptures today. I used three different green paints and a mixture of different colors on the stem. The main color used most was from a can of Rust-oleum I bought. That green ended up looking a lot better than the krylon I originally thought I would use.  We put the sculptures up on cinder blocks and painted them outside. When I was done the cinder block kind of looked like it was growing a green moss.

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