Wednesday, January 16, 2013


For this project I decided to do a cow sculpture which I would be able to melt. It is sculpted out of clay but it will be made into either butter, chocolate, wax, ice, or something along those lines. The cow was originally going to be standing up but it would have been very hard to cast in a meltable material like butter and have it stand on its own feet during the melting so it is a laying down cow.

cow body blob. At this point I was just trying to get the cow to lay down right

I started adding legs and roughing out the body and neck

I added a head

I added some meat to the rear end

from the other side

I added ears and an utter

Fixed the brow line to look more bovine and started trying to fix up the face and smaller details
Here is the cow all wet before I put it away for the night.

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