Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Dog Head (part 2)

 Cut the wood base out and learned how to use a router for rounded edges.
 Primed and painted it.
 Also painted the dog head and tested how it would look on the stand.

 I used acrylic paint on the dog head.


Here it is mounted. All that is left at this point is the candy in the mouth and some back mounting pieces which I will add in the morning. Mounting the head was a pain. I originally gave it a flat cardboard backing which I am very afraid wont be strong enough. After trying out several different kinds of screws I finally used 6 long sheet rock screws along with lots of Loctite Powergrip glue. It seems pretty stable but a bit crooked. Partially it is because the head was made tilted at an angle. I have it sitting until the morning at which point I will test the hold and see if it is going to be stable enough to hang from the wall.

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