Wednesday, May 1, 2013


 For my third project I did a kinetic type sculpture featuring gears.

This project was a bit of a challenge for me because the gears could not be even a millimeter off from one another or they would not spin.

 I originally had a much larger footprint in mind for my sculpture. the end result would use Cardan gears to create a motion in a vertical line to raise a puppets limbs up and down.

I later had to simplify my design to a more simple version that used a rounded motion.

The puppet was first cut out of thin plywood. I drilled holes and inserted hooks to act as the articulated joints where I wanted the puppet to have motion.

 I then used tin foil, paper, and masking tape to make a generalized three dimensional form.

I then used the paper mache method I had done with the dog head to add some detail. It was hard on such a small scale to get much detail but I was able to achieve a nose and ears and a good basic shape.

I painted the puppet with acrylics. It did not end up having eyes but it didnt bother me for some reason. 
 Here is a photo of him outside

The final sculpture did function. When the handle was turned the gears would spin and move the strings of the puppet which were attached to the wrists and knees of the puppet making him dance.

Here he is in my art supply stuffed car on the way to class. :P

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