Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Playing with Photoshop

I like to play with photoshop sometimes. I am self taught and so sometimes I make silly mistakes but I still like to practice. I got bored today and took a copy of a scanned photo that my aunt had on facebook and I decided to try and fix some of the orange smudges on it. I can see a few mistakes I made but for the most part I think it is an improvement. It was just for fun anyways.

The hardest part was the face. It was tinted orange and it looked strange trying to tint it back with the spots. I ended up digially painting in the left side of the face instead. I used the eye dropper for my color pallet and then used a small brush on 72% opacity to slowly mix and reshape the face. Since it is a pretty low resolution image it was doable. It would have been harder if it was a large image I think.

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