Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Cows and melty things

It's been a while since I posted so I thought I would come on here and share what I am doing.
For sculpture I am working on two sculptures at once so that I am never waiting around for something. I have a foam dog which I will post about when it is a little farther along. I also have these miniature cow heads.

The cow heads were sculpted out of oil based clay. I then made a mold box out of some foam core board. I poured a rubber mold around the clay cow head and let it set up overnight. Now I am casting wax mini cow heads. The plan is to do five or so white ones and also try doing a few colored ones just to see how they turn out.  Whichever turns out better I will use those five for my show.

I will take the five cow heads and mount them to a pedestal and melt them to various stages so that there is a progression from not melted to almost fully melted. The pedestal plus the melted cows will then be shown together.

Clay Cow Head (5-6"?)

In the mold box

pouring the rubber

finished mold with hot wax inside

Three wax cow heads

 I am also doing some miniature paintings for the miniature art gallery I am helping curate for the Oklahoma State University Artists Society. I don't know if these will be in it or not but it is fun to paint this small. These paintings are only a few inches big. I am finding it kind of hard to paint that small with my current brushes. The paint globs on thicker and doesnt dry very fast so it is actually more challenging than I expected for something so small. I like working bigger much better I think.

Early on.. to show size and progress
This is probably bigger on your screen than in real life. This is after a coupleof hours

And last but not least my ceramic cow head got into Momentum :) Momentum will be in Oklahoma City March 7 and 8th 8pm to midnight. :)
Ceramic Calf/Cow head- Got into Momentum OKC 2014

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  1. Your work is so impressive and interesting! I can't wait to see your show.