Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Assignment 1: Part 2

(1/24/12) On the final day of sculpting I thinned out and centered the stem a bit more and tried to add a wood type texture like what was on the real pepper. The stem was still a bit thicker than the real pepper but it had to be about 3/4 an inch.
(1/24/12)  We hollowed out the insides of our sculptures so that they had a wall thickness of about 3/4 of an inch. My pepper is kind of long and skinny so there were a few parts hard to get to but not terribly hard. The clay was very stiff by this point and I ended up snapping on of my wooden tools removing the chunks of clay. We also made a little notch for air to flow in and out of the sculpture on the bottom. Mine is located on the bottom end of the pepper where it naturally raises up a bit anyways so it was pretty well disguised.
(2/2/12) We got our sculptures out of the kiln today. The pepper did not explode, yay! It was still very hot in this photo- probably the only time it will ever be a hot pepper.  :P

The next time we get together we will be painting them.

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