Thursday, April 17, 2014

Early April progress dump

Now that the show is finished I have been working on a few pieces to finish up the semester. I have two pieces going in sculpture right now. One is a life size dog that I am carving out of foam (photos to come later) and the other is a new miniature cow head to replace the cow heads in Faux Bovinae that I sold. The mold for that piece got ruined and so I decided to sculpt a new similar one out of clay and make a new mold. I also decided to make the piece a little bigger. This one is probably 150% to 200% as big.

I am still in the clay sculpting part.. smoothing lines and bumps getting the shapes how I want them.

I plan to finish sculpting them this week and make the mold as soon as my new silicone is delivered.

After a few mins (32"x34")

As for oil I have started working on another close up of a drooling cow. It is in very rough stages but I took photographs to kind of show my process for my underpainting.

It doesnt look like much now but after I spend a few hours on it and add some color layers it should start to look like a drooling cow nose. Haha
After about an hour (32"x34")

I also wanted to share that I got portions of a paper I wrote published on the Oklahoma State Museum of Arts blog. It isn't the entire paper but rather selections from it. I researched Pablo Picasso's Toros en Vallauris. Check it out here.

I also recently got written about by Her magazine for Oklahoma state as one of the campus celebrities. Which is kind of fun. Check that article out Here.
Senior art exhibition at Gardiner Gallery on March 31, 2014 

We also went to Kansas City as an art department a few weeks back. I would like to upload some photos from that trip on here later possibly. It was very fun. We visited a lot of museums and galleries in the area.

Thanks for reading. I plan to post more photographs of progress and the trip very soon.

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