Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Cow Head Progress

I got my mold completely finished and tested for my second round of larger cow heads. (larger than faux bovinae and meant to replace that piece)

The mold is made of Smooth On "Stroke" brush on silicone. The mother mold is plastipaste in three parts. I started this piece before the summer and finally got around to finishing the mother mold. It holds together fairly well. I was able to test the mold today using a decent amount of Smooth-On Smooth Cast 300 White Urethane Resin.  I made the mistake of trying to add more resin to the piece once the original resin had cured and got a bit of overlap. I went over the overlap with a rotary tool and was able to do some touch ups to get the piece closer to normal again.

I plan to cast a few wax ones Thursday and Friday for a melting piece. I might paint the resin one for fun and mount it as well.

Inside out cow head. The is the view inside the silicone mold
Resin next to clay

some demel work started

Resin Cow. Moo.
From Another Angle. My hand in there for size. Some Dremel work started.
Still a bit dirty from in the mold. Once touch ups are done it will be primed
and painted.

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