Friday, August 29, 2014

Painting my cow. Also Art Focus

I was mentioned in Art Focus September/October 2014. I thought I would post that here. :)

Also I thought I might as well post progress shots of the resin cow head. I started painting it to see how it would turn out.

I first used a white spray primer.
Then I air brushed brown and black acrylic to get into the lines.
Then I started painting with oils. Not sure if you are supposed to paint on Resin with oil but I figured I primed it and painted with acrylic, it was worth a shot.

Here are some photographs of my first oil layer. I plan to do at least one more layer of paint if this layer ever dries.  If this piece turns out I may do a series of them... more plans to follow.
Regardless I plan to cast some wax cows tonight or this weekend.
Before paint

with first layer of oil

first layer of oil

First layer of oil

First layer of oil


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