Monday, January 19, 2015

3 day weekend Day 3

Day 3. Casting,  Sanding, Painting

Today I spent using the dremel tool to fix all the mold defects from the cow that I cast last night. I also sanded the base part flat.

I then sprayed it down with a plastic primer and let it dry. After that I started painting. I did a dark layer first to get into all the cracks and details and then worked my way lighter. My first coat will be completely painted over when it dries in a couple of days this first layer was just to fill in color. The next layer will clean up and detail parts and finally I will go back in and finish minor details once everything is dry.

I also cast another cow but had some air bubbles due to pouring the resin in 2 parts instead of a single pour and I poured a little too fast. I am purchasing some apoxy sculpt to see if there is any way to save it.

First layer of dark paint to fill in details then wiped off.

First layer of paint. Still wet. Marked off kind of the colors I want and where. Will paint details when it dries.

Another angle. Needs a lot of touch ups once it dries

The three heads so far. Front: dry head. Left: Wet head with 1 layer of paint. Right: Newly cast head with Bubble defect in ear.

Overall I think it was a pretty productive 3 day weekend. :)

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