Saturday, January 17, 2015

Three Day Weekend Sculpture progress Part 1

After starting a new job and then Christmas commissions it has been a long break for me from doing some sculpture progress towards my series. I decided that since I have a 3 day weekend and since I have nice weather I might as well get a little progress done on my sculpture pieces.

I am still doing oil painting as well although I can do that on cold days and evenings so I decided to take this chance to get caught up with some sculpture stuff. I got to whip out some of my new tools. I got a new trim saw attachment for my Black and Decker Matrix from my mom for Christmas I also got new saw horses.

Day 1.

My set up. Normally I would do this in the yard away form the house but it was REALLY windy today.
New trim saw attachment on my Matrix. :) Next to it is the first cut I made with it. Does a very nice job cutting a straight line.

Safety first ;) Haha this was my temporary set up for the band saw. Just cut out three small things today.

A few rough cut outs of my base. Tomorrow I will sand these up and fix up the edges and then use the router attachment for my Matrix. Then  I will prime and paint.

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