Friday, September 13, 2013

Some school Progress

This is my first coil built ceramic vessel. I am just ok with it. It isnt great but
it is a start.

Plywood Armature for a paper Mache dog sculpture I started.

With the paper Mache layer. I then added a water based clay layer
because I considered casting it in plaster but it ended up molding and I had to
scrap this entire sculpture. It is now in the trash. 

This is me making a silicone mold for my resin eyeballs for my in class
sculpture I am working on.

Here are some photos of my second ceramics project.
It is a coil built cows head. It kind of ended up looking more like
a baby cow or something. I coil built it up vertically but since the
head is at a strange diaginal it was kind of hard to do.
Since this photo I have done a few more small details to it.

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