Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Oil Painting Update 9/9

Thickened the paint on my canvas quite a bit the last week or two. I am getting closer to being finished on my first canvas. I built my second canvas and am ready to start working on it. My reference photos for canvas #2 don't feel good enough to me yet. I am going to be working on taking better photos and may be find some different food items to test.

Although from the photo it doesnt look that much different a LOT more hours have now gone into this oil painting. The fur has had many many layers added to it. I also did texture on the nose and a glaze layer over that. I have worked on fixing up the mouth a lot. The mouth was a bit of a challenge for me but I think that it is starting to shape up nicely. My plan for the next week is to get going on the second canvas (food) and just work on single details on this one like touching up the background and the fur. I think that I will make more efficient progress working on two at a time at this stage.

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