Friday, March 21, 2014

Spring break crunch

It's been a very busy spring break. I have been putting in many hours getting everything gallery ready for the show. I still have a few things left but I am getting closer.

I have five of the melting photos from Underneath mounted on 20" x 30" mounts I made for them.

I also finished my miniature melting cow heads which is called Faux Bovinae. It features a series of five wax cow heads mounted to wood and melted in progression. One non melted and on the other end one very melted. I plan to hang them rather high up so that they are looking down/the viewer is looking up at them.

Mounting boards in progress

Wood mounts cut, routed, primed, and painted

One of the cow heads before melting
Cow heads arranged so you can see them all at once. Top one is not melted, bottom right is most melted.

from least melted to most melted

Test hung on wall to make sure everything is sturdy, The closest cow is the most melted.

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