Monday, February 18, 2013

Unwrapping the chocolate

 The cow was shiny black like the chocolate chips on the bottom but where the chocolate touched the silicone it had a different color and matte texture. I am not sure quite why this is or if I can wash it off. I am not sure I want to though because I am kind of likeing the accidental cow markings that came out of it. The face has spots like a real cow kind of. I would like bigger spots on the body though.
 The eyes came out pretty well on this cow. The  ear broke off when I took it out of the mold but I was able to heat the base of it with a lighter and reattach it to the cow. I am not quite sure what finishing touches yet I want to do to the cow if any. I may want to try and get some body spots on it and may be some pupils. I was pretty relieved that it came out of the mold in otherwise pretty good shape.
Here is a side view of the body. There is a bit of chocolate under the back leg that doesnt really belong. I could try and carve back out what I dont want but I am not sure yet if it is worth the risk of damaging the cow or not. I would like a big body spot and I am wondering if I could get that effect with a wet sponge. May be it would be possible I could wash off some of the lighter chocolate skin.

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