Monday, February 4, 2013

Melting Bunnies

I found a video where another artists melts chocolate bunnies. It is cool to see how they melt. I like that the heat source blends in with the melting environment.  I enjoy that the melting is vastly different depending on the heat source.


Here is her website:

If I end up doing a video for mine I would like to may be try melting different materials. May be both butter and chocolate.

The heat lamp might be the best option because it would give me more time to possibly take photographs and document the process. I really like the creepy effect that the blow drier has on the face but I think that the heat lamp could be better propped and left.

It looks like distance from the heat source will play a factor as well. This artist put the heat source very very close to the bunny and got a rapid effect. If I want a slower melting period I may need to have a farther away heat source. If my sculpture is solid and not hallow though it may take a close up heat source. 

I am also not sure yet how far I would like to melt it down. If it was melted down and drained all the way that would be pretty interesting. I would like to possibly collect the melted matter into a container as well.

It would be fun to incorporate water into the sculpture. I am drinking a lot of water to flush all of the sodium out of my body. As I am dieting and losing weight I have also been drinking a lot more water. To have a stream of hot water melting and carrying the material would be interesting.

May be I could do multiple cows melted one with heat for exercise and one with water for diet.

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