Friday, October 4, 2013

Exterior Head

Progress on the exterior of my head is still underway.

I have a couple pairs of eyeballs that I dont hate. I may still cast a few more sets to see if I can get them any better.

The exterior of the head I am carving out of modeling clay. I ran out of off white and accidentally bought regular white so now my two whites have to mix into a dirty white. :P

The face keeps changing who it looks like as I add and subtract clay. For a little while it reminded me of Patrick Stewart, probably because it was bald. I have decided that the clay is too soft for doing highly detailed facial features such as eyelids. The heat from my hands alone tends to melt it/make it mushy. I have some small tools that are helping but every time I handle it my fingerprints change it a little. I am probably just going to keep sculpting it slowly in my free time until it is time to make a mold.

 Here is the most recent photo as of 10/4

I still have a lot of carving and smoothing left to do. I need to add bulk to the neck and also fix the ears and eyelids again. I am considering the possibility of hair but if I add that I need to consider how best to portray it.

Open to suggestions at this point as it is still very underway.

Once I finish my plan is to cast it in wax over the aluminum base head I am building. I want to utilize the resin eyes in the piece. I would like to do an encaustic style oil paint (possibly?) over the piece to give it some color. I then plan to photograph and document the work as well as video tape it as I melt it.

When I show the piece I believe the video will be the main focus although I can include the aluminum base head and possibly a duplicate of the exterior face (wax or plaster?) if I want to.

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