Thursday, October 24, 2013

Paintings, and Pencils

 I thought I would do an update on my oil paintings.
Thought I would post this photo even though the colors are off to show the size difference in these paintings.

My tiles for my tile painting cut out, gesso'd and ready to be painted on

Beginnings of my tile painting.

moved some of the tiles to show it can be broken apart/moved

I started working on a small modeling clay sculpture I wanted to cast in wax. I took it home to work on it and my cat ended up jumping on it and smashing it up. The dog is probably still workable but the man is in rough shape and I never liked him to begin with. Still debating what to do with him now.

I got custom pencils for my website!!!!! They are in all caps which kinda stinks but it is pretty cool to have pencils I could give away to people. I just have to finish adding the right text/photos to the website now before I hand too many of these out. :P

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