Saturday, October 26, 2013

Outside Head Update

I have been playing with/sculpting my clay head while doing other things at home in my free time.. 

One thing I am not liking about the clay I purchased is that it is so soft. Every time I touch it I leave finger prints and dents. That means it takes longer to smooth and is more likely to lose the shape I want as it is handled.
I saw a technique where they modeled some of the fine details through some cling wrap. I may try that for the eyelids and see how it goes. My eyelids keep getting messed up.

I am working on adding hair. It is hard to add believable hair from the same white clay. I have found that raising the area up a bit and then digging back down with my tool so far has been the most effective way.

I am pretty much out of time messing with this guy though. I am going to smooth it out and add what I can and then I will have to finish up in the next week or so so that I can get a mold of it and get to work on making it in wax.  (I also have to thicken up the neck.)

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