Monday, October 21, 2013

New Website and Aluminum Pour!!

I got a new website on sale from GoDaddy this week. I am still updating it. None of the text or photos are on there yet. I need to find my artist statement and I need to upload my nicer finished photographs to it but it is nice to have a regular professional website to send people to.

All of my updates and progress will still go on regularly here. The website is more for finished pieces etc. But go ahead and check it out if you want to! Http://

In other news.... (:P)

We did the aluminum pour today!!!!!! It was pretty fun and it turned out nice which is good. I was worried because my ceramic shell had some cracking but everything worked out fine.

Burning out wax and heating ceramic shell.

My Professor adding aluminum to the crucible

Hot now

Pouring the left over aluminum into ingots

pouring it into the ceramic shell. Sand all around it.



Aluminum in shell. Still hot

Close up after breaking some of the shell off.

Breaking the shell off

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