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Ok so long story short it was a bit of a learning curve for me and the wheel. Ceramics was not my friend this semester but I eventually got the hang of it and started to like it.

Then glazing came along.

Who invented this? gah!. Yeahhh soo only had a couple things turn out how I like after being glazed but here is a dump of my progress..

Here is a view of my top shelf that kind of shows most things proportional to others.

Yellow and Blue Mug

A shot of some of my best mugs
My three favorite mugs. These were done with red copper barnacle glaze. The green on the inside was the original color before they were fired in the salt kiln. I think these were successful both in shape and color.

A look inside the mugs
Two of my brown/gold plum mugs

Brown/ gold plum mug. I kind of like this one.

Close up of brown/gold plum mug with some orange on the inside.

Green mug family. I dont know if I like the shade or not. Kind of matte but bright. I do like that the mugs get smaller. The smallest one is shot glass size the biggest one is like a normal mug size.

BRIGHT orange mug/cup. Not really my favorite.

None of my bowls really looked that great. Here is an example. They are just kinda ok. Mostly matte colors. The bisque head thing underneath is not mine.

Red matte cylinder.

Copper Red Barnacle again. This time on a cylinder. I like it.

Also copper Red Barnacle. This cylinder has some chips on the bottom from where the glaze ran.

This I think may have been crystal magic glaze? I am not 100% sure which glaze I used with black slip. The spots were intentional but I intended them to be darker. I dont hate these but they arent as cool as I planned.

Another one. Same glazes. This one was gas kiln not salt kiln.

This was done in Raku(sp) glaze. I like the color and the pearly-ness of the top but it blistered.
I am going to have to see if I can redo this. This was the first coil built piece I did.

Blistering. Sad day.

Another shot of the yellow and blue mug. I really liked the shape of this mug. Glaze is just ok.

Another Raku(sp) fail. This was a slab built mini house that  got some charring. Kind of depressing but kind of fitting.
I am not sure if I want to re-glaze this piece or leave it as is.

Another angle.

Mini cylinder. I like the blue but it melted/flowed unevenly.

Another one of the spotty pieces. This one a bowl.. Not to thrilled about the glaze on this one.

I liked this cup a lot but the glaze on this piece ran. I dipped it in a matte blue and then a clear glaze and this was the result.

The insides ran too. looks kinda funky.

Another piece I liked until the glaze ran.

My husband says this one looks like a minion from despicable me.

Worst color glaze by far. I reglazed it red and apparently it all ran off.

panama blue and yellow bowl.

Bowl version of the worst glaze. Again I reglazed this red but it didnt work.

This was our last hand built project. Using molds we were supposed to combine them andhand build to make something.
This is duck/goose heads and eggs. I made it to look kind of like an insect head but it seems kind of abstract.
The glazing of this was fun. I sprayed on copper red barnicale followed by a grey black and it went in the salt kiln. Turned out kind of fun.

from the side

other side

another view



A view of my top shelf of ceramics

Bottom shelf
Last but not least here is my cow head before going in the kiln. Sprayed on white slip followed by the brown/gold plum color brushed on for spots. Going in the gas kiln. Waiting to see results.

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