Monday, December 2, 2013

Sculpture update

I just posted a big post about ceramics. Check that out if you haven't yet.

In other news. I took some new photos of my progress in sculpture. Just a few updates but worth posting I think.

Updated photo of aluminum under head

Side view aluminum underhead

can kind of see my reflection in these. yellow shirt.

front view outer head in oil based modeling clay.

side view

Pony tail is chopped off. It was not working well with the mold/etc.

Anna helping cover the head with plastic and then water based clay. Creating a blanket mold.

Mohawk before the plaster is added. Anna helped a lot on these steps.  She helped me make sure nothing went wrong with this mold. I had never done a mold this way before. She covered the head in clay. Made a plaster mold and then filled in where the clay used to be with rubber.

HERE's JOHNNY! The head going into the plaster mold one last time before adding the rubber.

Head is strapped down and rubber is being poured

Another Angle. Way to go Anna!!! From here I have to wait 12 hours for the rubber to cure.
Then I can cut it open and start pouring my wax heads. More progress photos to follow.

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