Saturday, December 28, 2013


I had a good Christmas visiting my family this past week. It was a nice break from school work. This week will be back to work on my art.

I wanted to share the cool Christmas present my husband got me!
It is an Original animation cel from All Dogs Go to Heaven 2. I looked up some info on it and I believe this was done in Ireland. It has a paper drawing where you can see blue and pencil lines inked and then it has a xenograph(ed)? plastic cel that has been painted from behind (front to back) It is very cool. I loved the original Don Bluth All Dogs Go to Heaven. I also liked 2 and this is a neat one of a kind present.

I am looking into getting it possibly framed or figuring out the best way to display and store it.

It was a thoughful christmas gift from him I think.

Pardon the US mail box underneath. The paper is actually white but with the flash you can see through it. Here is what the cel looks like on top of the paper.

Here is the paper. If you zoom into the face you can see pencil markings and the halo is blue.

Here is the cel without the paper so you can see it is clear

I thought this was rather cool. This is what the cel looks like from behind. You can see where it was brushed on and kind of how the layers were done.

A close up from the front view. The off outlines are from the paper underneath I didnt straighten it on there.

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